They do what they want (2014)

With this painting series, I imagine communities of tiny, non-human characters united by creative practices outside frameworks of law or government. Running grafiki shows a densely built urban space in which some of these characters, out of sight of a passing policeman, conspire to adorn the town walls with graffiti. In Turning a landscape, a monumental printing press provides a cultural focal point, uniting the arcadian villagers in a collective, creative practice. Nude in vain depicts a film set in which the tiny characters repurpose a giant Hasselblad medium-format camera in a cinematic reimagining of Velazquez's Rokeby Venus. Not unlike some of Bosch's painted characters, the denizens of these fairytale-like communities do what they want, collectively united in creative, transgressive pursuits.

Running grafiki, 2014, acrylic on engraved plexiglass, 60" X 48"

Turning a landscape, 2014, acrylic on engraved plexiglass, 72" X 48"

Nude in vain, 2014, acrylic on engraved plexiglass, 72" X 48"